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6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

The decision to outsource your marketing can be a difficult one to make – on one hand you’re surrendering a piece of your business to someone else who might not quite ‘get’ your company, but on the other you’re potentially saving yourself a lot of time and effort for a more effective marketing strategy.

1. Grow Your Business Quicker

You didn’t start a business because you wanted to spend all your time stressing about marketing. You know you have a good quality product; you just need to make more people aware of it – that’s the tough part.

No single hire can specialise in all areas of the marketing function. When you outsource your marketing to a marketing agency like Truer, you now have access to experts who can improve your lead generation, advertising campaigns, content creation, PPC, SEO, website development, and so much more, giving your company a more effective set of marketing tools that you can be assured will work.

2. Save Money & Reduce Labour Costs

The first thing that should be taken into account is how much you’ll save. Now, instead of hiring another full time worker in house or trying to get your existing staff to take on the extra roles (which can add up to an extra 40 hours a week), you can simply pay for exactly the amount of work you need. Plus, with a marketing agency things will run much smoother and more efficiently, as you’re guided smoothly through the whole process by a team of professionals.

Truer Marketing offers tailored plans to make the whole process even easier and save you as much money as possible. Pay for what you get – not any more than that.

3. Gain a Team of Dedicated Marketing Specialists

Don’t take a stab in the dark – let us turn on the light for you.

Save the time and effort of trying to figure out the best marketing approach and how to achieve true growth. By outsourcing, you now have access to a marketing manager, graphic designers, copywriters, technology specialists and web developers who know exactly how to get you the results you want, in less time, and far less headaches for you.

When you outsource your marketing, you can get all of these marketing approaches and terms put into plain English, so you can understand what’s going on, and end up having better control over your marketing strategy.

4. Let Us Focus On Your Marketing

Now, all of this sounds well and good but you may not be sure where to start. That’s where we come in. A marketing agency should take all the guess work out of trying to broaden your reach, and let you focus on doing what you do best – delivering a quality product to happy customers.

Our marketing strategists use their years of marketing experience in different markets and industries to create an effective strategy. The strategy is then carefully project managed to ensure all resources are well organised leaving you worry free as you watch your company grow.

5. Bring Your Ideas to Life

Your marketing should correctly represent your company, allowing customers to understand what your culture is like and giving them a feeling of personability that leads to customer loyalty. For this reason you might hesitate before outsourcing your marketing and you’re right to feel that way. After all, who knows your company better than you?

Well, this is where you have to find the right marketing company to outsource to. It’s all about finding a company that is willing to talk, incorporate your ideas, and will work in your best interests to provide valuable recommendations and ensure they’re doing everything right by you.

6. Achieve Greater Results

Finding a company that you’re happy with is one of the most important steps. At Truer, we offer Free trials which are perfect for letting you get a feel for the company and what we can offer, as well as seeing if they you’re happy with our methods and output.

Take it to the next step and look for companies that won’t lock you into a contract. Don’t fall for this old tactic, find a company that will always work to deliver their absolute best to you, focusing on getting the results you’re happy with to keep you on as a client.

Here a few of the marketing functions we can implement for your company.


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