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What Your Logo Design Says About Your Business

Whether it’s one of the first or last things that you think of when you’re creating your company, your logo design can say a lot about your business. It gives your brand an identity and is something for customers to remember you by easily.

The design, colour and font are all important aspects of your logo and all deem whether or not the logo is representing your business accurately to your customers.

Concept to Image

Your logo shouldn’t just be about what your company does, it’s not meant to be an explanation for the customer, but it should be a representation of who your company is. Whether you’re all about professionalism, or you like to get creative, this should be incorporated into the look and feel of your logo.

What ideas are important to you as a company? What are you offering customers when they come to you? What’s your company culture? Keep all of these in the forefront of your mind as you’re brainstorming possible concepts.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity can be key when it comes to logo design.

Some of the most internationally recognised logo designs are extremely simple with 41% of the top worldwide companies using text only and 9% of them not having the company name included at all. But you have to remember, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it can’t be smart.

Your logo is the visual cue for customers to recognise your brand, so you want something that will stick in their minds. Whether that’s because it has a clear tie in to your company name, the service you offer, or none of the above (hello Starbucks), it’s up to you.

Show Your True Colours


The colour of your logo can seem like a small decision, but it will definitely make an impact on how your company comes across to customers.

Going back to our top worldwide brand logos, 95% of companies use only one or two colours, while a tiny 5% use more than two colours. What does this mean? Well, you’re probably better off sticking to the simplicity of one solid colour. That leaves the question, which colour?

If you’re looking for something dependable that will breed trust, blue has been proven very popular and universally well liked, while brown is simple and strong. For something a little different with energy and confidence, orange has been shown to signify a strong, engaging work ethic, while red evokes passion and action.

Alternatively, for a little creativity, a purple logo design will breed an air of mystery and sophistication with its history of being associated with royalty. Or if you’re after something a bit more positive go for yellow which evokes motivation and warmth, or light green which is peaceful, while deep green is prestigious and wealthy.

Colours each have their own psychological cues for people, and this should be one of the things that you take into consideration when you pick a colour. Not only should it match or enhance your design, but also portray the right company image.

Put Your Best Font Forward

For logo designs that only have text, choosing a font is extremely important and you might find the process daunting given the wide range available. You want it to represent your company, but you have no idea what each of them represents. How do you pick? Well here’s a guide:

Serif fonts denote a dependable and trustworthy feel. They’re quite a standard font and can look rather conventional. Some examples are Times New Roman, Book Antiqua and Baskerville.

Sans Serif fonts have a more contemporary feel, giving a fresher look to the letters and offering a more widespread look. Some examples are Helvetica, Hero, Arial and Calibri.

Slab Serif fonts give your letters a bold look that will make your logo look firmer and sturdier with their solid rectangular accents. Some examples are Freshman, Rockwell and Bevan.

Script fonts offer a graceful femininity that can be seem as welcoming and more interesting visually than the other fonts. Some examples are Pacifico, Nuptial Script, and Mission Script.

Modern fonts will give a sharper, more geometric look that will be distinctive and crisp and offer a trendy and intelligent look to your logo. Some examples are Majoram, Infinity and Architext.

Does your logo design represent who your company is and what it stands for?

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